About Metta Camp

“Metta Camp is just a thought. What you make of it, is entirely up to you.”
It is our humble effort to provide for you a space and vibe in the mystical Himalayas so that you can spend time with your self.

Last year we did metta camp 2017 in Ghoomakad Rakkar Dharamshala.
We had a diverse variety of courses to choose from and learn. Some went well and some couldn’t.
We experienced that in the process of these courses and learning, we missed a key element that the mountains are able to provide and that is “solitude”.

Metta Camp 2018 is a playfield, a canvas.
You can be anything you want to be for a month, Do what you wish to, may it be painting landscapes or wandering of the mountains.
You could go for a trek, watch birds, look for wild animals or write a book if you so desire.
You could also do yoga and meditation or just star gaze 🙂 .


“ Creativity flows from a quiet and tranquil mind”,

Metta Camp can be a place for you to calm your mind.

All of the tech and work from home folks, It might interest you that Ambanis and team have bestowed upon us with Jio services here and it ranges from 10 Mbps to 35 Mbps.

Paradise isn’t it! 

Metta Camp 2017 has seen some great friendships and love.  Who knows you might find some great friends here.

Everything you go about reading, understanding, and watching would always be half-baked knowledge until you experience it yourself.
Give yourself some time in Solitude, Go inward (as all who knows wisdom would say) and you will realize the true nature of your soul 🙂 .


“ For that, you have to Jump, To learn to fly.”