There is something about the mountains, when you gaze upon the mystical peaks,
the dense forest, the birds, even the smell of the wind something changes inside of you. It’s a very subtle but a very profound change, you feel calm. A sense of bliss takes over and makes you think about the things you would not notice generally.

That is the beauty of the mountains. Mountains and especially the Himalayan ranges are breathtakingly beautiful. They are ever standing and inspiring.

This is what inspired us for Metta Camp 2018. Metta camp is not just about camping or creating an experience but to invoke a change in your subconscious nature. It is about going back to the roots, and that cannot happen over a weekend or a few days.

When you wake up every day in the lap of the mountains for a longer period of time, you start to feel a change inside of you. The morning breeze, the sunrise, the chirping of birds and even the fluttering of the butterflies start to make sense to you.

“You get lost in the beauty, only to find yourself”

When you start to feel that calling in your heart, nothing holds you back and when you finally arrive at the mountains and start spending time doing little things, may it be the things you did back home, you feel a sense of clarity and calmness.

This is how I have perceived the call of the mountains. Go discover yours!!

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