Metta Camp started as a diversified version of Codecamp 2016 which happened in Ghoomakad Rakkar Dharamshala
We expanded our focus from coding to different variety of things including massages, survival and yoga courses. (Archive)

 This year we have simplified the camp to mostly focus on solitude and nature. Though we have kept it open to everyone.

People Involved

Metta Camp has been made possible by various people coming together in spirit and physically. 

Ayush Ghai & Freeman Murray
For coming up with the idea  of doing camps up in the Mountains and incubating it.

Mohinder Sharma & Ghoomakad
For providing space , logistics and support in 2017 metta camp.

Diana Danuso 
For supporting it with all her heart 🙂 

Abhijeet Dhope 
For being the master chef of the cafe we ran in metta camp last year and for his support throughout.


We are grateful for your support and making of metta camp.

We also support “LIFEMAKER” with all our heart (Please visit the link to know more)