Accommodation & Food


Metta Camp is about Camping and being in nature. That is why we have arranged for Tent accommodation.

There are two types of tents available (Subject to first come first serve )

  1. Single Person Tent 
  2. 2-3 Person Full Size Tent 

We have also arranged for sleeping bags, mattresses and Pillows for comfort and  lighting/charging points for tents. 
Afternoons can be a bit warm in summer so we have Common Hall for hangouts.
Also there is a whole forest around to find shade and relax 🙂
We have six western style toilets and bathrooms for all intent and purposes.


We have arranged for home cooked food (Pahari Style), which includes breakfast, lunches and dinner.
The kitchen will also be open to your suggestions for food.

The expense for the camp will be ₹ 15000 / Per Person (inclusive of Stay & Food)