Crash course on mountain survival techniques, herbs and folklore

On first day, and second day first half you will learn from the coaches. On the second half of second day and the third day, you will have to manage everything on your own.

Here is what you will learn
1. How to identify dry wood. Cutting and bringing it to the camp.
2. How to cook and wash with least resources
3. How to fix injuries with local herbs and fractures with wood plasters
4. How to carry back an injured or fainted person in the mountains
5. Local folklore and songs
6. About the spirits, herbs and animals of the place – how to live in harmony and respect with them (basically how not to invite trouble)
7. Way to walk in the mountains

The location you will go to is an exquisite one. A beautiful hut in midst of the raw nature at the foot of the giant Dhauladhar, leading to Kundli pass. It is surreal, quiet and full of life there. A great opportunity to connect with nature and mountains, and learn about them. And perhaps also about your own self.

Not for the weak hearted. Requires determination, alertness and activeness of mind and body.

Every weekend during Metta Camp – from Friday to Sunday.

Mohinder Kumar, the original Ghoomakad.

The total cost of the Mountain survival camp is ₹ 6250/-

Scholarship are available to select students only. Please apply for the scholarship when applying for the camp

  • Waterproof and windproof jacket.
  • Torch.
  • Water bottle.
  • Knife.
    Sleeping bags and quilts will be provided.

Minimum Group Size –  4 People

Maximum Group Size – 8 People