Learn the beautiful flowing techniques of this native Hawaiian praying massage!

With a one week everyday course you will have the basic skills to practice a wonderful ancient massage that will release any unwanted stress from body and mind. This beautiful thequinique, practised along with traditional Hawaiian music, is a great way to share energies, heal and get healed at the same time.

One week camp during the duration of the metta camp.

The schedule will be decided according to the availability and confirmations of the participants

Dhyana Dhanush,
qualified in Naturopathy and Manual Therapies by “ACU Canarias” Alternative Therapies School, Spain.

The total cost of the Hawaiian “Lomi Lomi” massage training camp is ₹ 3150/-

Scholarship are available to select students only. Please apply for the scholarship when applying for the camp

Will to learn, caring intention and devotion.


Minimum Group Size –  2 People

Maximum Group Size – 10 People