Learn how to give healing yoga massages from Yogi Pashupatinath of trilok akhada

Yoga massage is 17000 years old. It has been used for deep physical and psychological healing in many ancient cultures.

Camp start date : 16th April 2017
Camp end date : 30th April 2017
Timings : 10 Am – 11 AM  (Everyday)
Pashupatinath Nath Parampara Adhikari

The total cost of the “Everyone needs a massage” camp is ₹ 3250/-

Scholarship are available to Himachali’s  only. Please apply for the scholarship when applying for the camp

A kind heart


Minimum number of attendees –  2 People
Maximum number of attendees – 10 People

You will be awarded with Certification/Grades after the completion  of the camp.